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Old and Worn: A Photoshoot

After reading Rebekah’s post the other day, I was like, “Ooh, I want to do that!” So I did.🙂 I went for a walk around our farm with Maggie and took looots of pictures. Thankfully none of our barns are falling down or anything, but some of them do look beautifully old and worn. This is somewhat of an experimental… Continue reading Old and Worn: A Photoshoot

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1,000 Followers Giveaway!

I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT, GUYSSSS! 1,000 FOLLOWERS! EXCEPT BECAUSE I TOOK SO LONG TO POST THIS, NOW IT’S 1,190 FOLLOWERS!!! OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSS! Just think… before being featured on WordPress Discover, I had 150 followers. That’s really pretty great! And now…. *GASP* It’s simply amazing. Thank you all soooooo, so much! You guys are one of my top favorite… Continue reading 1,000 Followers Giveaway!

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How to Be Invisible: a Writer’s Guide

{background image via}  With NaNoWriMo coming up, I thought this would be a great time to post some writing tips and tricks!🙂 Of course I’m certainly not a professional writer, and I make these very same mistakes all the time. I’m simply sharing some tips and suggestions that I hope will help you and me to improve… Continue reading How to Be Invisible: a Writer’s Guide

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Random Photography Part 2

I have a bunch more stray pictures for you today! (23 to be precise.😄 ) You’d better warm up your scrolling finger… First we have some flower pictures:   And then a bunch of Nature pictures: Are you still with me? Oh good.😀 Then which picture was your favorite? ***Allison*** P. S. Ahh, it’s so… Continue reading Random Photography Part 2

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Casey the Cute

The other day I felt like taking pictures of Casey, so I did. I took a lot of pictures. (Somehow that seems to be a recurring theme…😄 )And since I know how much my dear readers like pet pictures, it follows from simple logic that I should post a few of the aforementioned pictures on my blog. Sooo… I present… CASEY… Continue reading Casey the Cute

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TIWC #6, The Dust Pixies, Part 6

*Gulp* It’s the last TIWC.😦 This has been a lot of fun, Grace! Thank you so much for hosting this lovely writing challenge. I’ve enjoyed writing this series and watching what twists and turns the writing prompts make. Grace, I used all three prompts and the word “pencil” in my story. I also included something… Continue reading TIWC #6, The Dust Pixies, Part 6

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Mini Succulent Garden DIY

I love miniature gardens and polymer clay – this little project has them both! One thing that makes this garden extra special is the container. When I saw this old metal ladle at a sort of yardsale my grandma was having, I thought, “This would be perfect for a fairy garden!” And it was. Isn’t it so cute?🙂… Continue reading Mini Succulent Garden DIY

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Random Photography Part 1

I had so many random, homeless photos I had to divide them into two posts! I’m going to do two sections today: pet photos and completely random photos. Let’s do the completely random photos first.🙂 Really, Allison? You took a picture of your ice cream cone? Yeah but it looks so pretty!😄 Here’s a (super hard) mystery photo… Continue reading Random Photography Part 1