Sunday Drive at Golden Hour

Hello, dears! I'm SO excited to post this photoshoot, because I think it's one of my favorites ever! The evening was certainly wonderful. ❤ Plus, the lighting was so perfect I didn't have to edit most of these at all! Definitely a bonus. Alright, I shall begin with supper. 😉 Last Sunday the weather was … Continue reading Sunday Drive at Golden Hour


The Summer Bored Games, Week 3

Hello, dears! Are you excited for the next round of SBG? I AM! WOOHOO! Thank you all for your participation so far, and for making it so fun to host. 😀 In case you’d like to review the basic rules of the game, you can check out my introduction post right here. Shall we begin? (That was a … Continue reading The Summer Bored Games, Week 3

The Art Lab, Episode 49: Popsicles Forever

Hello, dears! Welcome back to another episode of The Art Lab! It's a bit late because I kind of got the posting schedule confused but ANYWAY, here we go! Today I'm going to show you how to draw cute, summery popsicles inspired by some popsicle stamps Megan bought at the post office the other day. … Continue reading The Art Lab, Episode 49: Popsicles Forever

Cuteness Overload + A Mysterious Tale

Hello, dears! Before reading this post, BEWARE. Extreme cuteness ahead. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Heh heh, anyway, these little fuzzballs grew SO much since my last baby bunny post, and as anticipated, THEY GOT EVEN MORE ADORABLE. Megan and I did a photoshoot of the bunnies a while ago and it turned out ADORABLE. We … Continue reading Cuteness Overload + A Mysterious Tale