The Art Lab, Episode 25: Art Inspiration

Heh heh, so some of you are probably like, "What?! She just published this post!" Well yeah, I did... but I didn't mean to. XD I accidentally hit the publish button before I finished. Oops. 😛 Now that I have explained all that, let's get on with the real stuff. 🙂 Guys, guys, guys, look! It's the … Continue reading The Art Lab, Episode 25: Art Inspiration

Of Mother’s Day, Green Truck Rides, and Stampeding Cows

Hello, dearest readers, and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I hope you let your mom know how much you appreciate her hard work. I certainly do appreciate my mom's hard work! She's does so much for us - cooking food for seven people three times a day, cleaning the house, homeschooling five kids... so much work, with so much love and patience. ♥ Happy Mother's … Continue reading Of Mother’s Day, Green Truck Rides, and Stampeding Cows

Short Story: The Animals’ Court

Hello there, dear readers! Today I wanted to post this short story which I wrote for school a while ago. 🙂 It was supposed to be a humorous paper, so I hope you find it funny. XD Ahem. _____________________________________________________ The Animal’s Court   One clear night after all the lights of the farmhouse had disappeared and … Continue reading Short Story: The Animals’ Court

Feathered Creatures and Speckled Eggs

Spring is a great time to photograph birds, so I've gotten several neat pictures of both birds themselves and nests which I wanted to show you today. 🙂 The first subject is this ADORABLE little golden-crowned kinglet we found! It knocked into a window and we brought it inside while it recuperated. It was so sweet … Continue reading Feathered Creatures and Speckled Eggs

Beautiful Things {Part 3}

Are you ready for a ton of spring-y pictures? Good gracious, the trees all look very different now, even though I didn't take these pictures that long ago. Our one maple tree has pretty much full-blown leaves now. Spring moves rather quickly, doesn't it? The curly willow tree beside our rabbit hutch is pretty in spring... actually … Continue reading Beautiful Things {Part 3}