~ Etcetera #2 ~

Good gracious, guys, my unposted pictures are backed up all the way to October. XD So as you can see, it's high time for another random photography/thoughts/etc. post! Enjoy the bits and pieces. 🙂 (And warning: this is going to be a VERY long post.)


~ s n o w y ~

Eeeeek, I'm so excited to show you guys these pictures! 😀 It snowed 6 or 7 inches while we were up at the new farm, and it was GORGEOUS. ♥ Good thing I brought my camera, heh heh. I also brought the macro extension tube set I got for Christmas and it worked splendidly for … Continue reading ~ s n o w y ~

The Art Lab, Episode 38: Spaghetti Mountains

Hey, guys! How's life? Mine's good, and currently smells like pizza baking in the oven. (It's movie night with homemade pizza. 😉 ) Wait, that was the timer... HOLD ON. Okay, we're good. Ha, that was an interesting coincidence. ANYWAY, less food and more art now, eh? Oh wait, I forgot about the title. XD Maybe … Continue reading The Art Lab, Episode 38: Spaghetti Mountains

{Little Drummer} A Story + Christmas Photography

"Come," they told me, "a newborn King to see." The journey was long, but we were strong. "Our finest gifts we bring... to lay before the King." Blankets and wool against the cool. "So to honor him... when we come." Kneel down, creaking sounds; bow low, down we go. My father and the other shepherds knelt beside … Continue reading {Little Drummer} A Story + Christmas Photography

Write Christmas: My Entry

Heyyy, guys! DID YOU KNOW IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS? Oh, you did? Well. Anyway, speaking of Christmas, I entered the "Write Christmas" writing contest (see details here), and I wanted to show you guys my submission today! 🙂 First, can I just say that writing an 800-word story is REALLY hard? I mean I love writing short … Continue reading Write Christmas: My Entry