The Art Lab, Episode 31: Erase Artist’s Block

WOOHOO Art Lab is back! I'm so excited to show you guys the post for today: 20 simple art prompts to help you erase artist's block. 😀 Alright. So I'm going to give you the art prompts, explain each one a bit, and show you some of the art I've made using the prompts. Quite a few … Continue reading The Art Lab, Episode 31: Erase Artist’s Block


3,000 Followers! {Part 1: THANK YOU +Blogging Tips}

GUYS. I NOW HAVE OVER 3,000 FOLLOWERS. AHHHH HELP I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? WHAT EVEN- Okay, breathe, Allison. Caaaalm yourself. Ahem. I'm good now. I honestly don't know where to start... I guess with the obvious: THANK YOU! You guys make my day so many days with your sweet comments and hilarious chats … Continue reading 3,000 Followers! {Part 1: THANK YOU +Blogging Tips}

Hello, Fall {Décor + Autumn Photos}

Hello, dears! Well it's fall, and that means time to break out the pumpkins and take pictures of colorful leaves. 🙂 We usually aren't into seasonal decorations that much, but we decided to do some fall stuff this year and I think it turned out so pretty! Mayhaps this little décor tour (HA!) will give you some … Continue reading Hello, Fall {Décor + Autumn Photos}