AHHHH, GUYS, WILLOW HAD BABIES! 😀 😀 😀 I'M SO EXCITED AS YOU CAN PROBABLY TELL BY ALL THE CAPS! *Ahem* But seriously, they are sooooo cute! I took these pictures a few days ago, and they're even more fuzzy and adorable now. There are four bunnies: Basil, Ginger, Mulberry, and Herbert Naninger  XD (does … Continue reading BABY BUNNIES!

Furry Things

CUTENESS ALERT! I have to say, these barn kittens are pretty adorable. ♥ Let me show you some pictures and see what you think, sound good? AHH I LOVE THAT PICTURE! ↑ Peek-a-boo. ♥ Doesn't she look like a little stuffed animal in the next picture? Cutie kitten eyebrow whiskers. XD (Is that even how you … Continue reading Furry Things