Christmas 2017 {Gifts + Adventures}

Heyyyy, dears! I hope you guys had a lovely Christmas – I sure did! There was so much fun, family, and food… it was wonderful. ūüôā And of course it was great fun to give and receive presents! One of the best parts about giving presents is seeing the expressions on people’s faces when they […]

Dandelion Days

Dandelion season is pretty much¬†over now, but I still haven’t posted these photos. I am WAY behind with all the things I want to post. XD But too many ideas is better than no ideas, right? Right. Anyway, I¬†took these pictures when we went on a nature walk with our friends. It was such a […]

The Art Lab, Episode 25: Art Inspiration

Heh heh, so some of you are probably like, “What?! She just published this post!” Well yeah, I did… but I didn’t mean to. XD I accidentally hit the publish button before I finished. Oops. ūüėõ¬†Now that I have¬†explained all that, let’s get on with the real stuff. ūüôā Guys, guys, guys, look! It’s the […]

Snow Day Doughnuts {+Recipe}

Yesterday it snowed (though a rather disappointing amount), and Mom decided to make snow day doughnuts with us! She and her sisters used to make them on snow days¬†with¬†their mom when¬†they were girls. It was a lot of fun to do, and it wasn’t actually that hard – just time consuming. Make sure you plan¬†ahead¬†before […]

Random Photography

I absolutely love Clara’s random photography posts, so I thought I would try to do a similar kind since I have plenty of random photos anyway. ūüôā I hope you enjoy! Random Topic #1: Spring I was about to say that spring is on the way, but then again, it’s 29 degrees outside, so… XD […]

Generations {A Farm Girl Essay}

Hey, guys! I’m going to do something a little different today. I had to do an interview for school,¬†so I¬†interviewed my mom and my grandmother who were both farm girls growing up. I wanted to compare their growing up years to mine, and show the changes and similarities of their world versus ours.¬†¬†And, as you […]

Some Recent Clayations

Hey guys! Today I – oh wait.¬†IF YOU ARE MALLORY,¬†DON’T READ THIS POST¬†UNTIL AFTER YOUR BIRTHDAY! XD Ahem. This post may, um… contain some classified¬†birthday material. ūüėČ But anyway, as I was saying:¬†today I wanted to¬†show you¬†some of my recent polymer clay creations! (To see my previous clayation posts, click here, here, and here.) Making […]

A Thankful Post

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! How was your Thanksgiving, dear readers? Mine was good so far. We¬†already went to two Thanksgiving dinners this week, and we’re going to another one tonight – with shrimp instead of turkey! Mmmmm! And then we’re¬†going Black Friday shopping!¬†So anyway, I decided to make a thankful post, in case you haven’t noticed. […]

Sisters Q&A: Part 2

In my last post I did a poll of what post to do next, and you guys chose… Sisters Q&A! So voila! Welcome back to Sisters Q&A part 2. In case you’re new to this little series, here’s how it works: You guys have asked us questions, and Megan and I are going to answer […]