CPC #2: The Eagle’s Mountain Prompts Used: 3 Photos Submitted: 1 Artwork Submitted: 3 Total Points: 11 Have you ever dreamed of flying? I have. Only once, but it was a dream I shall never forget. It started with trouble. I was climbing a hill, a gigantic hill, and it felt like I would never … Continue reading CWWC


I used to despise most poetry, especially unrhyming poetry. But now… now I actually kind of like it! It lets you look at the world in a different way. And I have to admit, it’s pretty fun to write. 😀 I decided to share a few of my poems today, which I hope you enjoy. … Continue reading Poems

Envelope Art

I absolutely adore writing letters to my amazing pen(cil) pal, Charis, and also decorating envelopes to pu them in. Today I decided to do a round-up of the envelopes I’ve decorated so far. I hope you enjoy! Also, you should really check out the lovely assortment of decorated envelopes and art Charis has made here! 🙂 I think … Continue reading Envelope Art