Envelope Art

I absolutely adore writing letters to my amazing pen(cil) pal, Charis, and also decorating envelopes to pu them in. Today I decided to do a round-up of the envelopes I’ve decorated so far. I hope you enjoy! Also, you should really check out the lovely assortment of decorated envelopes and art Charis has made here! 🙂 I think … Continue reading Envelope Art

WordCrafters 3!

IT’S HERE, GUYS! YAYAYAYAY! I am so looking forward to reading your lovely chapters this go ’round. 😀 Here is the list of participants and their order. Please let me know if those weeks absolutely will NOT work for you, and I’ll do my best to change it. Allison/Josie Silver Wisp Nicole Lainey K. A. … Continue reading WordCrafters 3!

WordCrafters 3

List of participants: Allison/Josie Silver Wisp Nicole Lainey K. A. Mukta Megan Zielle Mahriya Hope Mercury Vivian Eliza Anika Joy Chloe Charis (Grace) Mirra Sarah LydiaFinn EnniMorgan Allison/Josie Characters: Alalia Celinette {via} For Alalia, books are her life. Most of the time Alalia is quiet, but her mind is always observing things, imagining things. She is shy, … Continue reading WordCrafters 3