Pond Poems

Hello, dears! Before we get started, thank you SO much for helping my first post of sketches tie for the “best writing/poetry post” on Megan’s Best of 2018 awards! It was lovely of you all to nominate me, for that and for the other categories. It made my day! Anyway, I mention that because… today I have another […]

Christmas Harvest 2018

Hello, dears! It already feels kinda weird to say “2018,” doesn’t it? XD Anyway, today I’m going to show you some of the lovely gifts I received for Christmas. As I’ve said before, the term “haul” really annoys me for some reason, so I’m sticking with “harvest” for now as a more… I don’t know, […]

Bullet Journal Setup 2019

Hello, dears! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now that it’s officially 2019, I decided it’s time to try a new layout for my bullet journal. 😉 This time, I went with something super simple but still pretty – namely, washi tape! 😀 I got a bunch of GORGEOUS tapes for Christmas (more on that in a later […]

Farewell, 2018 {Yearly Wrap-Up}

Hello, dears! How was your Christmas? Mine was a little different than normal, but still wonderful. 🙂 We had 5 celebrations with different parts of the family, caroled at a nursing home, had a beautiful Christmas Eve service, were blessed with many fun gifts, and ate WAY too much good food. XD Now, the post. […]

Fall Colors {Autumn Photography}

Hello, dears! I hear tell it’s getting CLOSE TO CHRISTMAS. Do you think the rumors are true? XD Since it is still November, I thought I’d show you guys some last fall photos I haven’t posted yet before the advent countdown officially begins. I absolutely LOVE how some of these turned out, and I hope you […]

Etcetera #5

Hello, dears! I’m back with another random photos post and BOY did I need to make one! I found over a hundred miscellaneous photos I wanted to use today. :O Heh heh, but don’t worry, I cut it down to about half that amount with much labor. 😛 Sit back, relax, and start scrolling!

Unfurling {My Poem Book}

I love writing blank verse poems, several of which you can find here on my blog. Recently I collected the best of those, wrote dozens of new ones, and made them into a little book! You can buy it here, for $7.99 + shipping. Check out this post for more details. If you’ve read the book […]

Photography Challenge {My Entries}

Hello, dears! A little while ago, the marvelous Amanda came up with a 12-day photography challenge for her photographer friends and herself. I was one of the aforementioned, and it was a lot of fun! Several of us contributed prompts and then posted our photos from each day on a Google Doc, so all the other […]

50th Anniversary Celebration {Part 1}

Hello, dears! This past weekend, Mom’s side of the family came up to our farm to celebrate Grandpa and Grandma’s 50th anniversary! It was AMAAAZING, ahhh! We made so many good memories, had so many fun adventures, and ate so much good food. XD I also took hundreds and hundreds of pictures, obviously. 😀 I […]