Our Funny Pets

If the dog is having a good day…The cat is having a bad one… ***************************************************************************************************************** These are our pets.¬† The dog’s name is Maggie, and the cat’s name is Jinx. I hope you got some laughs from this… ***Allison**

Farewell, 2016 { A Year in Review }

Wait what? Is 2016 really over? Yeah yeah,¬†I know everyone says that every year. But seriously!¬†I guess we say¬†it because it’s true. It’s¬†hard to believe that though the days sometimes feel endless, the¬†years¬†race by so fast that¬†you barely have time to welcome¬†in one year¬†before¬†the next¬†is¬†banging at the door. Just when you’ve recovered from that New … Continue reading Farewell, 2016 { A Year in Review }

Casey the Cute

The other day I felt like taking pictures of Casey, so I did. I took¬†a lot of pictures. (Somehow that seems to be a recurring theme… ūüėĄ )And since I know how much my dear readers like pet pictures, it follows from simple logic that I¬†should post¬†a few¬†of the¬†aforementioned¬†pictures on my blog. Sooo… I present… … Continue reading Casey the Cute