Our Funny Pets

If the dog is having a good day…The cat is having a bad one… ***************************************************************************************************************** These are our pets.  The dog’s name is Maggie, and the cat’s name is Jinx. I hope you got some laughs from this… ***Allison** Advertisements

How to Make Eeyore Happy {+ More Pet Pictures}

Hello, dears! I haven’t posted pet photography in a while, have I? I decided to remedy that today since you guys seem to quite enjoy pet posts – as do I. 😉 I recently took several pictures of Eeyore, my sister’s pet donkey, as well as some cute pictures of our yellow lab and some… […]

Cultivating a Photographer’s Eye

Hello, dears! I often have people ask me how they can improve they’re photography or if I have any tips for them. So today I thought I’d make a post on one very important tip that often gets overlooked. It goes along with two other big photography tips: Invest in good equipment. Learn how to […]

Giveaway Winners + Etcetera #7

Hello, dears! It’s about time for another Etcetera post, don’t you think? Today I’m going to reveal the winners of my 5,000 followers giveaway (ARE YOU EXCITED?), and then we’ll proceed as normal with miscellaneous photography of cute pets, pretty macro shots, and more. Sound good? Alrighty then – onward we go!

Shoot & Share Contest {My Entries}

Hello, dears! Recently, one of my friends told me about this really neat photography contest called Shoot and Share. Have you heard of it? You can enter up to 50 photos in 25 different categories, and then people all over the world can vote for their favorites! I’ve quite enjoyed browsing the photos and gaining inspiration so far, […]

{Summer 2018}

Hello, dears! Oh my, it was VERY hard to restrain myself from starting this post with the overused “I can’t believe summer went by so quickly!” (Wait, but what did I just do…? XD) Instead… let me think. Oh! I saw a marquee sign the other day that said “Summer should get a speeding ticket.” […]

Etcetera #3

Hello, dears! I’ve been half dreading this post and half eagerly anticipating it, because it is SO much work to sort through over six months of photographs and edit and organize the best ones for a post. O.o But it’s always so satisfying to know I’m “up to date” once I finish Etcetera posts, so […]

Expeditions & Discoveries {Spring Walks}

Hello, dears! We’ve been going on exploratory walks around our farm almost every Sunday lately and it is SO much fun! Also I’ve taken SO many pictures! XD I seriously have way too many post ideas to keep up, so I’m going to combine a few walks into one post. Enjoy the virtual sunshine! 😀 […]

Moving On {Part 2}

It has been way too long since my last “Moving On” post, and we’ve had quite a few adventures since Part 1! So, shall I catch you guys up on the news? Alrighty then. 🙂 Let’s see, where did I leave off? Oh yes, right before our cousins came to help us paint. Well… they […]

Sketchbook Tour + More

Heyyyy, guys! Goodness it’s been far too long since I’ve done a recent art post. I have been sprinkling in a few pictures for CPC and Art Lab and such, I guess, but today I want to do a round-up of (most of) the pictures I’ve drawn in my sketchbook since the last art post, […]