Our Funny Pets

If the dog is having a good day…The cat is having a bad one… ***************************************************************************************************************** These are our pets.  The dog’s name is Maggie, and the cat’s name is Jinx. I hope you got some laughs from this… ***Allison** Advertisements

The Animals’ Court

The Animal’s Court   One clear night after all the lights of the farmhouse had disappeared and only the stars were left, a queer noise issued from the open doors of the old white barn. Of course, no one was there to hear it but the stars, but they all twinkled and sparkled with curiosity, and … Continue reading The Animals’ Court

Farewell, 2016 { A Year in Review }

Wait what? Is 2016 really over? Yeah yeah, I know everyone says that every year. But seriously! I guess we say it because it’s true. It’s hard to believe that though the days sometimes feel endless, the years race by so fast that you barely have time to welcome in one year before the next is banging at the door. Just when you’ve recovered from that New … Continue reading Farewell, 2016 { A Year in Review }