Nature Mandalas

Let me introduce you to some little mandalas I made.  They are very similar to the mandalas Michele made right here, but without the game part.  It’s a fun challenge to make a mandala with only one material.  You can just sit down somewhere and make one using whatever you have around you – grass, bark, leaves, stones, whatever! The … Continue reading Nature Mandalas

Farewell, 2016 { A Year in Review }

Wait what? Is 2016 really over? Yeah yeah, I know everyone says that every year. But seriously! I guess we say it because it’s true. It’s hard to believe that though the days sometimes feel endless, the years race by so fast that you barely have time to welcome in one year before the next is banging at the door. Just when you’ve recovered from that New … Continue reading Farewell, 2016 { A Year in Review }