Walking in a Winter Wonderland {Snow Photography}

Hello, dears! Guess what? Last Sunday we got eleven inches of snow, AHHHHH! Since church was canceled and it was Mom’s birthday, we just stayed home and had possibly the best snow day ever. IT WAS MARVELOUS. I took heaps and piles of snow pictures, and I can’t wait to show you a selection of […]

The Summer Bored Games: the Finale

Hello, dears! First of all, I’m SO sorry this took so long to get up! We had a lot going on today and then it took us hosts all way longer to put together this post than we thought. O.o Anyway, HOORAY, today we announce the winners of The Summer Bored Games! WOOHOO! Be sure […]

The Summer Bored Games, Week 3

Hello, dears! Are you excited for the next round of SBG? I AM! WOOHOO! Thank you all for your participation so far, and for making it so fun to host. šŸ˜€ In case youā€™d like to review the basic rules of the game, you can check out my introduction postĀ rightĀ here.Ā Shall we begin? (That was a […]

Introducing… The Summer Bored Games!

Hello, dears! I’M BACK! And I’m SO happy to be back, because I have some very exciting news! Clara, Megan, K. A., and I have been working on a secret project for months now, and we are FINALLY ready to show it to you guys! *grins* Ahem. I am proud to present… The Summer Bored […]

5 Fun Road Trip Games

Summer is the season for road trips!Ā  Here is a collection of some fun games you canĀ play while driving. 1.Ā  Pink Toads – One person is “it.”Ā  The other players take turnsĀ asking the “it” person questions, to which he can only answer “pink toads.”Ā  If he laughs, the person who asked the question that made […]

Party at the Park

Hello, dears! A couple of weeks ago, we went to a gorgeous park near where we live to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was kind of like an arboretum, with elaborate gardens and landscaping, as well as more natural looking areas. Everything was in full bloom and full life and ahh, it was gorgeous! The […]

Farewell, 2018 {Yearly Wrap-Up}

Hello, dears! How was your Christmas? Mine was a little different than normal, but still wonderful. šŸ™‚ We had 5 celebrations with different parts of the family, caroled at a nursing home, had a beautiful Christmas Eve service, were blessed with many fun gifts, and ate WAY too much good food. XD Now, the post. […]

Best Friends Q&A + Pictures

Hello, dears!

About a month ago I got the chance to visit my dear friend, Aria, and see her family’s lovely farm. We had a wonderful time together, and this time we made sure to take PLENTY of pictures. XD Aria suggested doing a BFF Q&A to go along with them, and I agreed it sounded fun. So here we are! Get ready for some pretty fall photography and some fun answers to you guys’ questions. šŸ˜‰ After you’re done here, make sure and hop over to Aria’s blog to check out thirteen more questions and answers!

50th Anniversary Celebration {Part 1}

Hello, dears! This past weekend, Mom’s side of the family came up to our farm to celebrate Grandpa and Grandma’s 50th anniversary! It was AMAAAZING, ahhh! We made so many good memories, had so many fun adventures, and ate so much good food. XD I also took hundreds and hundreds of pictures, obviously. šŸ˜€ I […]