A Farm Kitten’s Life

*********************************************************************** Sitting by tractors, Pouncing on mice, Playing with feathers, A farm kitten’s life.   Roaming the barns, Sleeping on hay, Cuddles with cows, A farm kitten’s day. **************************************** I hope you liked this random little poem! I made it up using that picture which I took a while ago. Isn’t it adorable? The lil’ kitten … Continue reading A Farm Kitten’s Life

Falling Again

Heh heh. Aren’t my puns great? *Sigh* Yes, I know they’re awful. ANYWAY, I’m super excited to show you guys these fall pictures! I’ve been saving them up for a while now and I finally get to post them. 🙂 First I want to show you our beautiful ombre maple tree. 😀 Well actually the leaves … Continue reading Falling Again