A Farm Kitten’s Life

*********************************************************************** Sitting by tractors, Pouncing on mice, Playing with feathers, A farm kitten’s life.   Roaming the barns, Sleeping on hay, Cuddles with cows, A farm kitten’s day. **************************************** I hope you liked this random little poem! I made it up using that picture which I took a while ago. Isn’t it adorable? The lil’ kitten … Continue reading A Farm Kitten’s Life

WordCrafters 3!

IT’S HERE, GUYS! YAYAYAYAY! I am so looking forward to reading your lovely chapters this go ’round. 😀 Here is the list of participants and their order. Please let me know if those weeks absolutely will NOT work for you, and I’ll do my best to change it. Allison/Josie Silver Wisp Nicole Lainey K. A. … Continue reading WordCrafters 3!