Sisters Photoshoot #2

A little while ago Megan and I decided to do another sister’s photoshoot! (See the first one here. Oh yeah, she’s gotten contacts since then!) I don’t take pictures of people very often, so I thought it would give me good practice, and not to mention Sisters Photoshoots are really fun. 😀 They are certainly not the best portraits ever, but I had fun experimenting and I thought I’d show you guys the results. 🙂

Megan wanted me to get some pictures of her in a tree with the golden sun shining through the leaves, so I did… but they didn’t turn out quite as golden as it seemed like it should. XD

3 (1280x853)4 (1280x853)5 (1280x853)6 (1280x853)

This is a random photo I took of Megan for a co-op thing. :

DSC_1616 (1280x853)

 I really like this picture! I took it when we were on a nature walk when I also got a lot more pictures, so I’ll hopefully post those soon. Dandelions are so fun!
DSC_1844 (1280x853)
Ha ha, I *think* I caught Megan when she wasn’t looking. 😉

7 (1280x853)

She was certainly looking here! No, I just scared her and she jumped. XD I love taking jumping pictures! Apparently Megan does too. XD

12 (1280x853)

After that, Megan took some pictures of me. I was inspired by Loren’s gorgeous post to make a crimson clover flower crown. 😀 Heh heh, it was a bit too sunny so I’m squinting a bit and my smile looks kind of pained, but otherwise I like these pictures. XD XD XD I’ll keep trying… 😛

9 (1280x853)

10 (842x1280)

8 (1280x853)

After that I took some pictures of myself with the timer on my camera, since I don’t have a remote. I kept running back and forth until I wore a path in the triticale field (and got my capris rather green). XD

11 (1280x853)

I did get one that I liked enough to be my profile picture, as you might have noticed.

Allison 1

There we are! I hope you enjoyed these photos. 🙂 Do you like taking pictures of people?


P. S. Well, I am officially 17. I feel old. XD And I had a wonderful birthday, thanks so much for asking! 😀 Would you guys like to see a “haul” post? (Ugh, I really don’t like that name for some reason, so I shall change the title if I do it. 😛 ) This feels like an awkward ending now so… um, thanks for reading. XD


73 thoughts on “Sisters Photoshoot #2

  1. Wow, you are good at taking pictures!! Yes, I love seeing pictures of people. You used really cute ideas for the photo shoot!!
    God bless!
    Claire Rachel ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OOH such pretty pictures!! 😀
    Happy belated Birthday!! Ooh, 17! That age had me freaking out cause I was like – ONE MORE YEAR AND I WILL BE CONSIDERED AN ADULT. XD But now that it’s past I’m like – this isn’t that bad, it’s just strange. I feel like I should be 16 LOL! XD I’m looking forward to the haul post! Those are always so interesting to read! 🙂
    Or wait, you don’t wanna call it that… How about…. Birthday Treasures or something? XD
    Hope you had a fantastic birthday! 😀


    1. THANK YOU!
      And thanks again! 😀 I KNOW, RIGHT?! Well thank you for the advice. Phew. XD Heh heh.
      Okay, great! Ha ha, maybe so… maybe I’ll have to look up synonyms for “haul” or something. XD
      I sure did! Thanks yet again, Jaclynn!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great photoshoot! That dandelion field that Megan was in is so full of dandelions! It’s really pretty! I also like the picture where Megan is jumping, it’s so fun! Your new profile picture is so pretty! 🙂


    1. Thanks ever so much, Gracie! I KNOW there was one section of the field that was pretty much just pure dandelions. O.o I took more pictures of it, like I said, so I hope to post those soon. Yes! I really like that one too! Aww, thanks, Gracie!


  4. YES, do a Birthday post! And HAPPY belated birthday! 🙂
    I love taking portraits, I have some really nice ones too. My sister usually isn’t as … welcoming to the idea of me taking pictures of her though! Consider yourself lucky! 😉 So yes and yes!
    We’re no longer the same age though…. sob. You were the only person I knew who was the same age as me…. oh well, I’ll catch you in February! 🙂


    1. Yay, okay I will! And thank youuuu! 😀
      Ha ha, that’s funny. XD Yeah, we have fun taking each other’s pictures!
      Oh noooo! Yeah, I don’t think I know of any other blogger that’s my age now either. *SNIFF*


  5. Love the corn field? Love the jump and the crown. Yes a haul would be fun. I loved the Christmas one because you told a good story and it wasn’t this is my stuff and I’m a spoiled brat.


  6. I would love to see more pictures of you and your sister. You are both so pretty. Happy birthday to. I would have to turn my numbers around to be the same age of you. You bring youth to my morning.


  7. I love all the pictures Allison! I just had my senior pictures taken so I’ve been really into looking at artsy pictures lately! Happy (belated) Birthday too! Hope you had a great one! My birthday is in a few weeks and I’m turning 18! I’m not sure if I’m excited or not…lol I’m so old!
    ❤ Mandie


    1. Thank you! I know, isn’t it fun to look at pictures like that? Aria at takes beautiful portraits! 😀
      And thanks again! I DID have a great birthday! Wow, happy (early) birthday! It will feel weird to turn 18 I’ll bet, for me at least. O.o

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Aww you two are so pretty!!!!!! I wish so badly I could meet my two beautiful blogger friends!!! 🙂 😀 Great pics! And happy B-day! I didn’t know you had one soon! :I 😉


      1. You’re welcome! YES!!! Haha! That would be great! 😉 You guys are all invited to my house this Thursday night at 7:00 PM my time! XD Haha!! I WISH. 😛


                  1. Haha! XD XD There’s a tornado here!!! *excited happy jig* *worried look* XD 🙂 I think it already passed though. 😦 My sis got PICTURES! XD hahaha!!!


                    1. Yeah!!! XD Haha!! 😉 They are pretty cool! But they look pretty cool! It was funny, because mom put on facebook that there was a tornado and everyone commented: Oh, stay safe, and that must be scary, or I hope you’re okay. But Megan posted a video of it forming, and people commented Cool video! or Great footage, and That’s neat! XD XD Haha!! 😉


  9. Those pictures were beautiful! I think Megan is really pretty with contacts (not that she was ugly with glasses or anything, absolutely not!) I loved your pictures too, you are both pretty! 😀


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