Fabulous Feathers: Draw-It-Yourself

Greetings, friends! XD

Janie, here is the feather tutorial you asked for! And here is a DIY/drawing post for those of you who wanted one according to my blog survey. (By the way, thank you SO much for taking that, guys! I really appreciate it.) I do indeed love to draw, and I’d be happy to post art-related stuff more often if you so wish. 🙂

Drawing these feathers is actually pretty simple. The key idea is “random.” Unevenness gives the feathers a whimsical, natural look.

  1. Start by drawing a straight line. Next, draw the outline of the feather. Basically you’re going to make  an elongated teardrop shape with a few triangular chips and dips taken out of it. 🙂 (Chips and dips? I thought this was about feathers, not food!) Draw slanted lines from the inside to the outside of the feather as shown. Space them randomly – sometimes far apart and sometimes close together.-Allison(room) 024 (640x480)
  2. Now you need to make some accent stripes. Fill in a few random stripes with zigzags or line them with dots, or add any pattern you wish. Looking good!-Allison(room) 025 (640x480)
  3. Time to color! Again, color the feather randomly. I personally think they look best when you use only two or three colors and leave some stripes white – but feel free to experiment!-Allison(room) 026 (640x480)
  4. Show off your art! Draw a few feathers on cardstock to make a pretty poster for your bedroom. Three or so feathers in a line would look charming on the front of a thank-you card. You can even cut them out and hang them up as a garland!

Here are lots of other feathers I made using this technique:

-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 040 (800x600)-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 042 (800x600)

I really like that type of doodly drawing. Thanks for reading!


P. S. Isn’t it hard to describe how a food tastes? Usually I just end up comparing it to another food, or calling it sweet, sour, or salty. XD Speaking of which, I think it’s impossible to describe salt with any other word than “salty.” XD Come on, English language, don’t fail me now!



48 thoughts on “Fabulous Feathers: Draw-It-Yourself

    1. Thank you, Christian Homeschooler! Actually I made that pile a few weeks ago when I was decorating for our church meal. I punched holes in the feathers, threaded raffia through the holes, and hung them around vases of flowers. We needed lots of vases, so that’s why I made lots of feathers. XD

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  1. Nice food post, Allison! 😉 XD Hehe, Just joking!! 😛 😀 Nice post though! 😉
    And your P.S…hmm…you’re right!!! :O Like…it had a …. taste that made her eyes water and mouth pucker? :/ XD Hehe!!!


  2. I LOVED this post! :O I am for sure going to try this really soon! I LOVE that kind of doodly drawing! You did an awesome job on those! :)I found your blog through your sisters, so I’m going to follow it! 😀


      1. You’re welcome! 😀 Oh, you can call me either, but I think Olivia sounds more grown up, LOL! 🙂


          1. Ha-ha-ha! Ma’am??? Not me! LOL! :O 😀 😛 You can call me either! All (well most) of my friends call me Livy so you can to! I contacted you through your contact thing, did you get it??? ❤ ❤ ❤


              1. No, I didn’t…. I tried contacting you again but I didn’t get a reply so I don’t think its working for some reason. Do you know why?? 😕


                    1. Well, I meant that we had a gmail one that no longer works so, we use the netzero one now. Which was the email that came with the contact thing?


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