Crayfish Cleaning

Ladies and gents, I present my new video! Enjoy! (This crayfish is named “Duncan,” by the way. ☺)

Isn’t it weird how he cleans his eyes? It looks painful!



13 thoughts on “Crayfish Cleaning

  1. Duncan…great name for him! 😀 I’d watch the video but I can’t use YouTube on school nights (if so I’d never get off 😉 ). I’ll try to watch it soon!


      1. Okay, I tried to watch the video, and it wouldn’t let me….it just said that the video was private. :\
        Is there anything I need to do to get the video to work?


  2. Cool Did you take that video? I had a crayfish(we call them crawdads) But mine died. I put him in with my fish. Plus he was from the wild. The PH in the water probably wasn’t right. He pinched my dad when daddy was handing him to me!! I don’t remem- OH YEAH!! I named him Jacque off of Nemo.Heres the link to the pic.


    1. Yep, I did take that video! Aww, it’s too bad your crawdad died. 😦 Ours were from the wild, but I think one of the things that keeps them alive is a filter that filters the water and puts new air into the tank. Jaques is a great name for a crawdad! Good idea. 🙂

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