Eeeek! A Spider!

While I was sitting at the computer, I saw this spider.  He was actually pretty small, but I cropped the pictures so you can see all kinds of fascinating (and creepy!) details.


Look at his palpi (the little fuzzy feelers in front of his face)!

-spider 013 - Copy

And look at those eyes – creepy, huh?

-spider 014 - Copy

Do you see those little orange spots?

-spider 016

I hope you enjoyed looking at a spider for once!


P.S –  If anyone knows what kind of spider this is, I’d be glad to know!


6 thoughts on “Eeeek! A Spider!

  1. Cicadas, sort of, but SPIDERS??!?!? NOOOOO!!! *Runs from the room covering eyes, running into everything* XD Haha! 😛 😀 XD They’re not AWFUL, but I SURE don’t like them! 😮 😦 XD 😛 XD XF :F 😛 😉 hehe! 😀 Great pics though!!!! 😀


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