A Close-up Look at Eyes

I’ve been having fun taking close-up pictures of my family’s eyes.  It’s amazing what they look like up close!

This one is my dad’s eye,

2014-8-4-Allison 041

This is my mom’s,

2 006

And this is my mom’s other eye.  I showed both because they’re each different.  Can you tell?

2 001

This is my brother Logan’s,

2014-9-1-Allison(Eyes) 045

This is my brother Jefferson’s,

2014-9-1-Allison(Eyes) 022

This is my sister Megan’s,

2014-9-1-Allison(Eyes) 018

This is my sister Carmen’s,

2014-9-1-Allison(Eyes) 032

And this is mine!

2014-9-1-Allison(Eyes) 029

Aren’t they beautiful?  It’s so fun to see the hidden colors and patterns.

Have fun looking!




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