We saw the fireworks at Massanutten recently, and I took some pictures while we were watching (of course :))2014-7-5-Allison (Fireworks) 0332014-7-5-Allison (Fireworks) 0372014-7-5-Allison (Fireworks) 0412014-7-5-Allison (Fireworks) 015  I discovered that if I waved my camera around while I took a picture, I ended up with these neat light streaks.2014-7-5-Allison (Fireworks) 0312014-7-5-Allison (Fireworks) 0242014-7-5-Allison (Fireworks) 025

It worked the same way when we waved around glow sticks.

2014-7-5-Allison (Fireworks) 008This will probably be the last post for about a week because we’re going on a trip to Rhode Island -tomorrow! (YAY!)

Bye for now,



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